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Shenzhen Luview Co., Ltd. is a technology manufacturer which is always enganged on researching & developing, manufacturing & sale high quality in-car rearview systems and MDVR systems. "Profession & Focus" is the aim of Luview's development. Luview is committed to become one of the strongest in-car rearview products suppliers all over the world and offer the best service to the global customers. Luview has passed ISO/TS 16949:2009 system and we're rigorous implementation of international standards on raw materials sourcing, production and processing, QC, packing and shipping. In that case, Luview, is your trusted cooperation partner!
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Wireless car camera (JY-683W)
Explosion-proof rear view camera (JY-676)
FIAT LED 3rd Brake Light Night Vision Camera (JY-684-1)
 Special Customized HD 1296P by Ambarella program for Cadillac SRX (A70)
9 inch quad car monitor (JY- M900Q)
SD four road car video recorder DVR (JY-SD401)
Depending on the system after about cars
  • security
  • The safety of reversing.Compared with reversing radar, after reversing visual system's performance is better.When hanging reverse gear, the system will automatically connect is located in the rear of the hd camera, the car condition after clear display on the LCD screen, allows you to accurately grasp the road, behind the reverse also like moving freely, self-confidence.Obviously, after reversing visual system more intuitive than a full range of reversing radar.
  • Depending on the system after the safety car
  • After visual image system can provide not only reflect the actual condition of the rear while backing, can also according to the changes of vehicle steering Angle can enter the location of the anticipation in advance. Both obstacles and street side stone, with the help of cars in the visual image system can safely through, even with a trailer is no problem.
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