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    Spring Festival

    The new year's Eve, also known as the Lunar New Year's Eve, new year's Eve, new year's Eve night, etc.. Is the annual Lunar New year the twelfth lunar month (December) last night. In addition to, that is, to remove the meaning of the evening. The new year's Eve is the new year, as the new year begins, Everything looks fresh and gay. festival. With Tomb-sweeping Day, ghost festival, Double Ninth Festival three Festival is a traditional festival China worship, is also popular in the cultural circle countries Chinese characters traditional culture festival.

    The annual Lunar New year the twelfth lunar month of the last night, the last day of the lunar year (month for 30 days, on a small 29), called "New Year's eve". With the Spring Festival (it is an end to end at the beginning of the month), is the new year's day. Because of the big thirty days, I have only twenty-nine days, so the date will have new year's Eve, thirty different 29. But this day, whether it is twenty-nine or thirty, are commonly referred to as "New Year's day," or "thirty"". On New Year's Eve the whole family reunion to eat the dinner on New Year's Eve, after the dinner on New Year's Eve when sending gift money and boil Nianye customs, Zhou and Qin Dynasties each year will do, to hold the "Nuo" ceremony in the palace, tambourines expel pestilence ghosts, called "by addition", and said before the new year's Eve day except for small, that is the eve of the lunar new year on New Year's Eve; for in addition, namely eve.

    It is at the beginning of the month a "chicken", formerly known as the "new year", "Yuan" intended as "head", later extended to "start". This is the first day of the year, the first day of spring, on the first day, so called "three yuan"; because this day is the age at month at day toward, the so called "Three Dynasties"; and because it is the first shuori. The so called "Shuo yuan" is a month early, as well as the previous day, moving in, three new moon, three was another name, which means the beginning date of the at the beginning of the month seven days, also known as the "Festival" and "feast", "population" and "seven" etc.. At the beginning of the creation of Nuwa legend, created in chicken dog pig cattle and other animal after seventh days was constructed, so this day is the birthday of human beings. The beginning of the Han Dynasty have day festival, the post began to pay attention to. The ancient people wearing "wins" customs, who wins is a headdress, also called Cai Sheng, sheng. From the Jin Dynasty began to cut the ribbon for the flower, cut the ribbon for the people, or engraved gold foil as people with screen, wears in her hair. In addition, there is the custom of climbing. After the Tang Dynasty, pay more attention to this festival, every day to the emperor courtiers who wins and a wisp of color, banquet ministers. If is the beginning of the seven month the weather is fine, then the whole family is safe, and smooth.

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